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Created on 2009-05-24 10:00:57 (#383944), last updated 2013-02-03 (245 weeks ago)

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Name:Poor Skills
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We are not in any way linked with Poor_Skills over on LJ.

This community is for people to share advice, tips, hints and help for living on a limited budget. It is also a place to ask for help in addressing problems brought about by economic limitations.

1. No money/goods-begging posts. No Paypal donation buttons, no matter how good the cause. Help in other ways, such as "Could someone please look over my CV?" is fine, but no asking for "stuff".

2. Ask, don't assume. Not everyone is in America. Not everyone is able-bodied. Not everyone has access to certain options/the ability to use them.

3. Pictures behind a cut please.

4. Be excellent to each other. Seriously though - no personal attacks, no flaming, no racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/sizeism or anything like that. If you have a problem, PM me.

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